Gatlinburg UTV Rental Prices

When traveling to Gatlinburg, Tennessee, many people find that they would like to have a way to see the Great Smoky Mountains up close and personal. A great way to do this is by renting a UTV, or utility terrain vehicle. These vehicles are perfect for exploring the outdoors and can give you a unique way to experience the beauty of the Smoky Mountains.

RIDEON UTV Rentals offers a wide variety of UTVs to choose from, so you can find the perfect one for your needs. We offer the best Gatlinburg UTV rental prices, and our friendly staff is always available to answer any questions you may have.

We offer flat rates for any type or size of the machines (UTVs or Slingshots). and 

Attention: We’ll match any Gatlinburg’s competitor pricing for UTV rentals (as proof of pricing we will check their website). When you compare our prices with our competitors, make sure you ask for the final prices, after taxes, insurance, hidden fees etc.

Our UTVs require premium gas and is not included in the rental price.

Gatlinburg UTV rental prices

2 hours UTV rental                                                                                                         $154 + taxes/fees

3 hours UTV rental                                                                                                          $203 + taxes/fees

4 hours UTV rental                                                                                                          $260 + taxes/fees

5 hours UTV rental                                                                                                          $300 + taxes/fees

8 hours UTV rental                                                                                                          $325 + taxes/fees

10 hours UTV rental                                                                                                        $365 + taxes/fees

12 hours UTV rental                                                                                                        $405 + taxes/fees

1 day UTV rental (24 hrs)                                                                                               $487 + taxes/fees

2 days UTV rental                                                                                                            $830 + taxes/fees

3 days UTV rental                                                                                                            $1170 + taxes/fees

4 days UTV rental                                                                                                            $1515 + taxes/fees

5 days UTV rental                                                                                                            $1855 + taxes/fees

6 days UTV rental ________________________                                                                $2110 + taxes/fees

7 days UTV rental ________________________                                                                $2370 + taxes/fees

Current Promotions:

  • Rent an UTV/Slingshot for 5 hours for the price of 4 hours. Use promo code RIDEON5 .
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  • To take advantage of our current promotions, when booking , look for “Click here to redeem a Gift Card / Promo Code” and type the desired promo code ( RIDEON3, RIDEON5, RIDEON7, RIDEON12 or RIDEON24) before you make the payment. If have any questions about UTV rental prices, give us a call: (865)604-4918.

*Please keep in mind, our UTVs or Slingshots are NOT for off-road experiences. Scenic routes only.